Whole energy is generated on site from renewable sources


Ladybird Farm Leisure Center was established in 2002 as family business Objective was to provide joyful and meaningful time for the entire family together in developing services to a level where a visitor cause less “damage” to the environment than if he stayed at home or have gone somewhere else, And in attracting more and more urbanizing society back to nature to touch the grass and feel the fresh air.


The 100 attractions operate with only renewable energy produced on site


Whatever done or developed, the decision-making criteria are twofold:

profitability since profit is required for continuous development AND social impact, in other words the consequences of the new services for nature and society

If an investment is profitable but with neutral or negative social impact than it is not implemented.

Electric energy is produced from photovoltaic solar panels (138kW) and wind turbine (300W)

Heat and hot water are produced from biomass (biomass-based heat generator170kW) and sun (Solar heat collector 8kW).

There are 3 waterpipelines: one carries the potable (pretreated) water used only for drinking and cooking. Another one is using the water of own  artesian well for washing, in bathrooms, non potable sinks and for the animals. The third is using rainwater collected from roofs for irrigation, construction, maintenance work, cleaning paved areas and machinery.

Parameters of  “passive houses” are used when creating new buildings.

Uniqually in Europe, visitors can pay with waste 10% of their entrance fee.


  • Organisation: Ladybird Farm Leisure center
  • City: Patca (Hungary)
  • Type of provider: Leisure park
  • Circular principle: Regenerate natural systems
  • Focus: Redesign
  • Keywords: #renewable energy


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