Water saving at SAMBA Hotel


The proposed demEAUmed solution integrates innovative water treatment technologies, TICs and water management tools.

Different proven water treatment technologies at pre-marketable level were properly combined to treat and adapt different water flows to the necessities of different areas in the resort, while saving freshwater consumption and reducing environmental and socio-economic impacts in a safe way.


Since the installation of grey water system (in the period  1997-2018), the hotel saved over 160,000 m3 of water and reached  consumption levels under 100 L/person/day.


Hotel Samba is a 3* hotel chain situated in Lloret de Mar and Blanes. It is a large resort with 441 air-conditioned rooms, green areas and exterior pools, conference rooms, bar and restaurant. It is certified by EMAS and ISO 14001.

The Hotel is known for its environmental management practices and specifically for the application of water-saving measures.

The Certification from the “Catalan Environmental Quality Guarantee” system is also held by the Hotel, which implies that the owners must adopt specific actions concerning water management and reduction of consumption.

One of the best practices implemented in the context of water management includes an efficient grey water reuse system for sanitation use and toilet flushing.


  • Organization: Samba Hotel
  • Country: Spain
  • Type of provider: Hotel
  • Circular principle: DESIGN OUT WASTE AND POLLUTION
  • Focus: REUSE
  • Keywords: #water-saving measures #environmental awareness #water and wastewater reuse