Village Nature Paris: A zero carbon destination


Villages Nature Paris is the first in a new generation of resort destinations, close to major metropolitan areas, easy to get by train or car, and firmly committee to a transition towards renewables energy and sustainability with the ambition of becoming a neutral carbon destination.


100% of the energy needs for heating and hot water are covered by a geothermal system. Thanks to this local renewable resources, 9 000 tons of CO2 is saved every year (compared to the use of natural gas) reducing the energy carbon footprint of a sleepers night by 67%.


Villages Nature Paris is a major innovation in sustainable tourism in Europe. Every detail has been designed to minimize the site’s ecological footprint with an important focus on the reduction of carbon footprint. To become on the One Planet Living destination, Villages Nature Paris has worked, since its inception in 2013, with Bioregional (charity based in the UK which aims to invent and deliver practical solutions for sustainability). Its Sustainable Action Plan is based on concrete targets for construction and operation, over the 10 One Planet Living principles. This action plan addresses the three pillars of sustainable development (environmental performance; community and local economic impact; and guests and employees health and happiness) and the progresses are evaluated every year by a public governing body.  The “Zero Carbon” target is one of the major highlights of the Sustainable Action Plan. The strategy to reach this ambitious objective relies on four main levers of action: build high performance buildings, maximize the use of renewable energy, favour low carbon material for construction (for example to choose low-carbon concrete and eco-friendly wood) and ease access by low-carbon public transportation means.


  • Organization: Village Nature Paris
  • City: Paris
  • Type of provider: Resort
  • Circular principle: Regenerate natural systems
  • Focus: Redesign
  • Keywords: #zero carbon, #energy