Topic 3 Implementations driven by governments

  1. Slovenia

An agreement to minimize the usage of disposable plastic products was signed by the Tourism and Hospitality Chamber of Slovenia in November 2020 in agreement with state institutions. These institutions have launched together a document focusing on the reduction of disposable plastic items in the hospitality field. According to it, plastic straws, pots, cups, and plastic cutlery will not be provided by bars and restaurants joining the movement.

  1. Capri, Puglia and Tremiti

The island of Capri banned single-use plastic in 2019 year, and whether they use non-recyclable plastic dishes, straws, cups, and cutlery or non-biodegradable plastic bags, they would start fining people EUR 500. Similarly, identical fines were adopted by the islands of Tremiti. The mayor of the island agreed to prohibit the use of non-reusable straws, cutlery, cups and plates after discovering that Tremiti has the second-highest amount of plastic litter on the Italian coast. In August 2019, the beaches of Puglia have been officially classified as “plastic-free” also.