Topic 3 Examples of circular business models in the tourism industry

In this section, we’ll introduce you to examples of Circular business models in the tourism industry:


  1. Clean loops in the tourism industry

Hotel’s value proposition is focused on using ecological materials for its buildings (renewable materials and renewable energies) and its amenities. For instance: SVART hotel in Norway, is designed with 100% natural materials and energy independent.

  1. Short loops in the tourism industry

Value proposition includes the reuse of specific resources to extend their useful life. For instance, Geneva hotels are partnering with a  local organization to recondition its used soaps, giving them a second life and providing additional local jobs.

  1. Access loops in the tourism industry

The value proposition includes providing access to services rather than ownership of products. For instance, At Martins Hotel, all fitness equipment, company cars, computer equipment, coffee machines in rooms, seminars, restaurants and bars are under a lease agreement, or ‘on loan for use’ contract. This lowers the total cost of ownership by enabling, at the end of leasing, either re-use or buy-back/resale, recycling or donation.

Source: Intercontinental Hotels (Paris)


  1. Long loops in the tourism industry

Creating value from waste by recycling specific resources. For instance, intercontinental Paris le Grand is  collecting bio waste from its hotel facilities and restaurant to have it transformed into compost and methane, generating heat and electricity.

  1. Cascading loops in the tourism industry

Using material that would have been waste as input for new products. For instance, Greet hotels, the new concept from Accor focuses on  using recycled materials, and offers a unique set of upcycled furniture for its shared space.