Topic 3 Case studies of packaging solutions

Smart-enabled reusable to go cups, start-up: Bali, Singapore, Hong-Kong

When ordering take-away food or beverages, customers can opt for a reusable revolv cup. A deposit is placed on the cup, which will be paid back upon return at a drop-off station or to any participating cafe. Revolv provides users with incentives, including discounts, to opt for a revolv cup.

Revolv offers several modes of operation. The city-wide reusable systems work across cafes and larger chains, and rely on dedicated services for the pickup of cups from drop-off points, centralized cleaning stations, and redistribution. Closed-loop systems for festivals/events, corporate office buildings, and campuses utilize on-site cleaning facilities.

reCIRCLE is a solution of reusable packaging for take-away catering. Developed in Switzerland, each important city has more than 100 restaurants proposing the reCIRCLE boxes. It is a concept of take away reusable boxes proposed by take away restaurants and caterer. Based on a monthly subscription, ReCIRCLE provides restaurants or meal services a certain quantity of reCIRCLE boxes, communication tools and exchange old or broken boxes by new ones.

Customers can have take-away food placed in a “reCIRCLE BOX”, paying a deposit. They can refund their deposit giving back the box in any of the reCIRCLE restaurants. The “lunchbox-as-a-service” concept saves concept saves millions of disposable containers every day.

A drink dispenser that gets back and wash your cup after your drinking experience. A turnkey solution to eradicate the disposable cups. Watch the relevant video

Reuse boxes from shop stocks, family-run electronics store in Brussels.

Elak has adopted a circular approach to its e-commerce activities from the onset. When setting up its webshop, the owners immediately realized they were on course to receive and send a whole bunch of packaging. To reduce the amount thereof, a simple solution was found: re-use whatever packaging suppliers send their goods in.

Seeing that the shop stocks more than 20,000 items of all sizes, Elak has no need to purchase and store carton packaging in different formats. Whenever its supplies are insufficient, employees collect disposed carton from local supermarkets. 

Despite sending out 25 packages a day on average, Elak has not purchased a single carton in 2018 to send these goods, instead relying on its supplies and local supermarkets. Not only does this reduce the store’s environmental impact and lower costs, but clients also value the commitment to sustainable retail.

Reuse shippers for web stores with deposit reward mechanism, used by 50+ e-retailers, 50,000 end-users (Worldwide)

RePack provides packaging-as-a-service for online retailers and web stores of known brands such as Filippa K, Ganni, Mud Jeans, etc.

When customers order from the webstore they can opt for RePack’s alternative reuse packaging. The order is then delivered to the customer in a RePack shipper with a prepaid return label. Subsequently, customers send the shipper back to RePack for a central quality check and redistribution.

Each shipper has a unique barcode that ensures individual shippers can be identified and linked to a specific shipment. This enables a reward for customers to be triggered when sending back the RePack.

Reusable packaging for web store orders with an integrated, 20.000+ round-trip shipments to date (US)

LimeLoop rents out their smart shippers through a subscription service to web stores. Web stores deliver orders to customers in LimeLoop smart and returnable shippers. Upon receipt of the smart shipper, customers use a prepaid shipping label to return the shipper back to the nearest warehouse via UPS, enabling shippers to be reused for a new shipment.

To complement the shipper experience, the web stores, fulfilment centers, and end-customers can use an app to further engage with the shippers, simplify logistics, and gather data about the shipper journey. An upcoming next generation of shippers will allow down-to-the-minute location tracking, consumer-engagement monitoring, and streamlined logistics management.