Topic 2 Reasons to obtain a sustainable label in tourism

  • There is no planet B.
  • Your business sustainability: Climate change and tourism are interlinked; they can both heavily impact each other. If the environment is too damaged, the tourist activity cannot survive. It is therefore important to take action to protect the environment in its entirety (local and global) in order to sustain the tourism activities.
  • Importance to the organisation’s strategy: People are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of sustainable development to preserve our planet. This growing awareness is and will continue to be increasingly reflected in tourists’ consumer behaviour. Tourists now consider sustainable criteria when booking a journey. It is therefore starting to be important for the organisation’s strategy to consider sustainable labels, in order to ensure actual client retention. The label support a better recognition of the criterion that the hotels respect and the effort that it contribute with to the environment.
  • Marketing opportunity: Obtaining a sustainable label offers a market opportunity. Obtaining the label allows organisations to position themselves in a growing market. This label gives much more visibility to organisations, as they can be clearly referenced on all sustainable tourism platforms.
  • Cost reduction: Complying with sustainable labels’ criteria can induce important cost reduction. Indeed, being more efficient, regarding waste production as well as energy and water consumption, leads to less spending. This contributes to an increase of the commercial margin.