Topic 2 Green Key

  1. Send application form and participation fees
  2. On-site audit: Min. in year 1 (before the first award), year 2 and every third year thereafter.
  3. Decision-making by a national or international jury.
  • In countries with a national Green Key programme: National Jury
  • In countries without a national Green Key programme: International Jury
  1. Award for 1 year at a time (must be renewed each year).
  2. Before the end of the year of award: Update the application material, pay the fees and undergo an on-site audit (back to point 1.)
  3. In the years without on-site audit: Update the application material and pay the fees.

Willing to obtain the Green Key label?

Contact the Green Key National Operator or Green Key International if your organisation is not located in a country with a national operator.

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