Topic 1 EU Ecolabel

  1. Check here the general compliance of your organisation with the criteria (cf. Commission Decision (EU) 2017/175 of 25 January 2017 on establishing EU Ecolabel criteria for tourist accommodation).
  2. Contact Your Competent Body: The organisation responsible for awarding and managing the EU ecolabel applications in your country or your region.
  3. Product and service registration on the online EU Ecolabel Catalogue, ECAT: This catalogue is the reference point to check the validity of the ecolabel licence of an organisation. To register, please check the User Handbook here.
  4. Product and service testing to compile an application file: an application file must be sent to assess its compliance to the criteria. It includes relevant declarations, data sheets and test results. The relevance will be assessed by the competent body. 
  5. Application submission and fees 
Type of applicants One-off application fee Annual fee
200-350 €
Maximum 18.750 €
SMEs and firms from developing countries
200-600 €
Maximum 18.750 €
Other firms
200- 2.000 €
Maximum 25.000 €
  1. Assessment: The competent body will assess all documents and can request additional documents. It can reject application if sufficient documents are not sent within 6 months of the request. After the assessment, the competent body can perform an on-site audit. This decision is taken on a case-by-case basis and can involve additional fees.
  2. Application approval and licence award: The competent body issues a contract and a licence declaring the approval. Once the contract is signed, you can ask for your certificate of the EU Ecolabel. As licence holder, it is your responsibility to ensure the continuous compliance with the criteria. The competent body can perform sample testing.
  3. Communicate about your EU Ecolabel products and services: Logo use, EU Ecolabel product and service catalogue, Digital presence (social media), etc.

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