Sustainable Tourism is not just a buzz word at Genius Loci Travel


Genius Loci Travel is an independent Italian tour operator specialised in travel on foot, by bicycle and in kayak. It has chosen to deal with tourism with a specific focus on sustainability.


Tours organised by Genius Loci Travel on behalf of foreign tour operators, have been certified in several countries, by the different national authorities on sustainable tourism (e.g. in France by the ATR). Several of their partners, selling their tours, have won ‘sustainable tourism awards’ and most of them donate part of their revenues to Trusts or Foundations with a social, economic or environmental cause.


Tours from Genius Loci Travel aim at delivering authentic local experiences, but the organisations also takes active steps to care for the destination clients travel to. For example through the planning of networks of footpaths and trails, and the actual cleaning and waymarking of many of these – in collaboration with the local authorities and local population.

With sustainable tourism, they intend not only to save natural areas from more destructive forms of exploitation, but also where possible to improve the economic and social conditions of the local communities, safeguarding the local traditions and culture. The background of the company is different than most tour operators as staff members come from sectors such as nature conservation, land use planning, rural development and environmental protection.


  • Organisation: Genius Loci Travel
  • City: Italy
  • Type of provider: tour operator
  • Circular principle: regenerate natural systems
  • Focus: Rethink
  • Keywords: #SustainableTourism #AuthenticExperience