Compartimentul 1 Introducere: O abordare sistemică pentru o afacere circulară

In order to make the transition to a circular economy business model, you will need to go through specific phases, illustrated in the figure below:

1.First, you will explore your current operating environment, define your key stakeholders and get acquainted with the circular mindset.

2.Second, you will need to assess your current circularity gap. Starting from your own strengths and weaknesses, your existing practices, you will get a first image of your baseline, your starting point. 

3.Next, you will start a planning process, in which you will set up a vision, key objectives and brainstorm activities that will lead you to become more circular. 

4.As a follow up, you will need to implement your plan, set up a team, organise a monitoring system. 

5.Finally, you will develop a set of  communication activities to document and spread the impact of your journey.


Source: CEnTOUR – Circular Economy in Tourism (2020).