Recycling soap at Manotel


Soaps are used in large quantity in hotel rooms. However they are rarely used entirely and end up being wasted.

The initiative aims to collect used soaps from Manotel hotel chain’s six establishments and recycle them with a view to redistributing them free of charge to humanitarian associations. Entirely not-for-profit, Youth for Soap brings together many partners from different areas – schools, businesses and social organizations – around the common goal of sustainable development..


The project enables the recycling of up to one tonne of soap per year.


The Manotel Hotel Group, the Fondation Ensemble and the Espace Entreprise are launching a unique initiative to recycle used soap from the Geneva-based hotel chain. While Commercial Business trainees are in charge of the logistical side of the project, the soap recycling is done by people living with intellectual disabilities.

The manufacturing process, made possible thanks to Manotel Group having purchased a specialized machine, was set up with the help of the Chemistry department at the University of Applied Sciences in Engineering and Architecture (HEIA) in Fribourg. Amicolab SA – a private and accredited laboratory specialized in microbiological analyses and hygiene consulting – carries out analyses free of charge, certifying the soaps’ quality.

The soaps are also transported in an environmentally friendly way thanks to the bike deliverymen from the ‘Caddie Service’ association.


  • Organisation: Manotel
  • Country: Switzerland
  • Type of provider: hotel
  • Circular principle: Design out waste and pollution
  • Focus: recycle
  • Keywords: #soap #waste #collaboration