Neya hotel: Sustainability in the heart of Lisboa


NEYA Lisboa Hotel combines the excellence of its services to an active contribution to sustainable tourism, through a concept of sustainability that covers the three pillars – environmental, economic and social.

Since opening in 2011 – International Year of Forests, all the hotel’s activity is based on an efficient resources management plan and responsible business practices, allowing it to have, nowadays, a reference position in the sustainable tourism sector in Portugal.


With the Ecomeeting initiative, NEYA Lisboa Hotel aims to help preserve the environment by reducing its ecological footprint as well as helping others to reduce their own, contributing to a sustainable future.


The concept of environmental sustainability, was present from ideation phase, with the rehabilitation of a degraded building, reducing the environmental impact in terms of construction and contribute to urban regeneration, revitalizing the heart of the city. In the construction phase the choice of materials and equipment, preferably of Portuguese origin and solutions that boost energy efficiency and reducing the carbon footprint. In the hotel maintenance are taken all measures in order to achieve the optimization of energy and water consumption, proven to be a sustainable hotel at this level.

At social responsibility, NEYA Lisboa Hotel has an active, positive and responsible in the community by channeling available resources within our business structure to help. Thus, it has already established several protocols with some charities in order to consolidate the work in collaboration with those who contribute actively to make a difference in society.


  • Organisation: Neya
  • City: Lisboa
  • Type of provider: Hotel
  • Circular principle: Design out waste and pollution
  • Focus: Reduce
  • Keywords: #energy #building #CSR