Green mobility at Val d’Hérens


The Maya Boutique Hotel opened in 2012 in the Swiss Alps. It is a pioneer hotel with a unique ecological concept, combining luxury, innovation and sustainability; the first hotel built with straw bales. The hotel implements a “Green” approach to hospitality that makes no compromise on excellence, comfort or the authentic experience. It is in this context and with this approach that the Green Mobility Project was born.


Reduce C02 emissions from eco-friendly transportation.

A collective approach to rethink tourist mobility in one regional destination


The principle:
A network of electric cars and charging stations available for hotel guests, throughout the entire valley, located in the heart of the Swiss Alps.
– A “Green” mobility service on-site for flexible individual excursions.

Pay What You Want:
The principle “Pay What You Want” is applied to this service. The guest decides on the financial remuneration he will give in return. This way, he becomes an active participant of the service.
Thus, customer satisfaction is enhanced by a sense of privilege. The financial contribution is not perceived as an expense but as an appreciation of a valued service.


Travellers’ transportation is one of the most polluting sources in the tourism industry. This new service motivates guests to reach their destination by public transportation, as well as offering on-site eco-friendly mobility. In addition, the region produces its own hydroelectricity which supplies the charging stations.
Clean air, silence, flora and fauna are valuable assets to be preserved for sustainable hospitality.


  • Organisation: Maya Boutique Hotel
  • City: Nax, Switzerland
  • Type of provider: Hotel
  • Circular principle: Keep products and materials in use
  • Focus: Reuse
  • Keywords: #mobility #collaborative consumption