Goodwings offsets the CO2 of your trip


Goodwings is a hotel booking platform (mostly B2B). Founders of the platform intend to combine their love for travel with their passion for creating a more sustainable future, turning the travel industry into a driving force for positive change.


The offsetting of Goodwings takes place through the Envira Amazonia Project, a third-party validated, verified and audited REDD+ carbon reducing (deforestation) project. The project supported aims to protect the remaining forests and their associated bio-diversity.


While offering its customers the same hotels at the same rates as any other major hotel site, Goodwings ensure that all carbon emissions from the trip are compensated for free via fully certified carbon offsetting projects.

Customers are invited to provide information on the trip (which means of transport, from where to where, etc.) so that Goodwings calculate the total footprint (kg of CO2). Then, the certified offsetting provider, partner of Goodwings, will neutralize carbon through three areas of focus: energy efficiency, forestry, and renewable energy.

In addition, Goodwings dedicate the money usually spent on marketing to cheaper prices on hotel rooms and to give the traveler the option to donate a percentage of their booking commission to a charity of their choice.


  • Organisation: Goodwings
  • City: Global
  • Type of provider: hotel booking platform
  • Circular principle: Regenerate natural systems
  • Focus: Regenerate
  • Keywords: #Offsetting #CarbonNeutrality