Giving hotel a second life atfurniture Ibis Sisteron


The idea for this project came from the hotel wish to reduce its environmental impact, try to reach zero waste and assert their commitment towards society.

Instead of taking their furniture in perfectly good condition to waste depots, the hotel decided to make donations to citizens and associations.


Life time of furniture is extended by being used by other people.


First, the hotel staff proceeds to do the inventory of the furniture ; all the furniture and objects that are being replaced are sorted according to their condition: the bedding, desks, lighting, bathroom equipment.

Then, all of the objects are listed on-line on the digital platform that has been created for the occasion, listing all the objects and furniture that need to be discarded.

In the hours after sending out the information about the donation the hotel get hundreds of requests. The hotel teams reply to all of the requests ; they allocate the furniture and send emails to the people who are interested by the donation to confirm their requests have been taken into account.

People are happy to collect the furniture : families in need but also students struggling to make ends meet.


  • Organisation: Ibis hotel (CFH)
  • City: Chapponay, France
  • Type of provider: Hotel
  • Circular principle: Keep products and materials in use
  • Focus: Reuse
  • Keywords: #zero waste #furniture


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