Energy & water consumption savings to hire new staff


This 4 star campsite covers more than 10 hectares and offers an accommodation capacity of 247 camping places and 180 mobile-homes.

Concerned to maintain a balance between high quality hospitality, recreational activity, economic activity and respect for nature, the campsite decided to put in place an action plan to be Ecolabel certified in 2009.


For the 2009 to 2017 period :

Switch to 100% renewable energy for electricity Reduction in energy consumption of 12.5% – corresponding to one year in eight free Reduction of water consumption of 18950 l – equivalent of 524 tankers or 66000€

Reduction of waste production of 215120kg corresponding to a saving of about 60000€ 60% of waste are recovered



Planed beginning of 2019, the Ecolabel has been obtained in July 2009 after a certification audit.

The owner was deeply involved from the start of the campsite inception.  2 full time people from the staff are totally committed to the care and the maintenance of environmental actions. The team and the customers are sensitized.

The following actions were completed the first year in order to  comply with the specifications of the Ecolabel :

  • Implementation of water saving tap: 1 000 €
  • Setting up new light bulbs : 2 000 €
  • Introduction of stones in the toilet flushing to spare water by reducing water volume : 0 €
  • Setting up of rainwater collection pits : 1 000 €
  • 2 month waged human capital : 2 500 €
  • The other significant action was the implementation of a selective waste sorting place : 28000€ (2016)

Comfort and quality of customers stays were improved : noise decrease thanks to restriction of motorized vehicles circulation (an electric car is available for necessity), discovery of local, qualitative and bio food products, ecology training for kids, yoga classes, horse back riding, bike rental…


  • Organisation: Camping Blue Ocean – family-owned
  • City: Ondres
  • Type of provider: Campsite
  • Circular principle: Design out waste and pollution
  • Focus: Reduce
  • Keywords: #label


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