Energy production with hydrogen at Radisson Blu Hotel


Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) leads sustainability in the hotel industry, installing fuel cell technology that allows Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt to generate its own energy.


Starting in late summer 2017, the fuel cells began to supply approximately 3GWh of electricity and 2GWh of heat to the hotel. The highly efficient technology also allows the hotel to reduce CO2 emissions by about 600 tons a year. This amount is equal to the CO2 emissions from 50,000 cars driving 100km


Thanks to a highly innovative decentralized solution, the Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt in Germany is now able to generate its own energy. This achievement makes it the first hotel in Europe with a hydrogen fuel cell of industrial size, and the unique installation of the fuel cell technology is the first of its size in a hotel.

Think Planet commitment is the driving force behind the introduction of fuel cell technology to the Radisson Blu Hotel, Frankfurt. The installed fuel cell has a huge advantage over conventional power generation systems – generating electricity and heat in a non-combustion process, which is virtually absent of pollutants such as nitrous oxide or fine dust particles.

Innovative energy solutions, including fuel cells, can supply added value for hotels – significantly lowering energy costs and dramatically increasing environmental friendliness (up to the point of being carbon neutral). The effects of the technology – plus the subsidy from the combined-heat-and-power legislation – create energy cost savings of approximately €60,000 in the first year of the commissioning of the plant.


  • Organisation: Radisson Blu Hotel
  • City: Frankfurt
  • Type of provider: Hotel
  • Circular principle: Regenerate natural systems
  • Focus: Redesign
  • Keywords: #energy #fuel cell


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