Ecobnb connects travellers with sustainable accommodations


Ecobnb is a journey undertaken to change the way we travel.

The initiative aims to promote a kind of tourism that respects nature, cultural heritage and local communities by encouraging stays in sustainable accommodations, organic food, environmentally-friendly routes, green traveling, the rediscovery of nearby and authentic places.


By traveling with Ecobnb, you save each day 8085g of CO2 and 302L of water.


Ecobnb is an innovative start-up that has created an environmentally-friendly web and mobile application connecting a community of travellers who want to discover a more sustainable way of travel, in harmony with nature, places and people, with a big network of eco-sustainable accommodations.

It allows responsible travellers to book eco-friendly accommodations around the world: organic farmhouses, treehouses, apartments, hotels, etc. To be part of the Ecobnb network, sustainable accommodations must satisfy at least five of the ten fundamental eco-sustainability parameters recognised by ecolabels and ecotourism certifications: organic food, high level of energy efficiency, 100% renewable energy, solar thermal panels for hot water production, ecological cleaning products, more than 80% waste recycling, car free accessibility, water flow reducers, energy saving lights, recovery and reuse of rainwater.

Furthermore, the Ecobnb servers are 100% powered by locally produced renewable energy sources. Those who choose to book through Ecobnb not only help the environment but also finance a network of small entrepreneurs engaged in sustainable projects.


  • Organisation: Ecobnb
  • City: Europe
  • Type of provider: Accommodation sharing platform
  • Circular principle: Regenerate natural systems
  • Focus: Reduce
  • Keywords: #CollaborativeConsumption #green traveling #Sustainable accommodation