Eco-friendly bottled water at Robinson Club on Maldives


Maldives drinking water supply is under some strain and plastic waste poses a particular danger to the sea. In that perspective, Robinson Club Maldives hotel is committed to sustainable water processing and waste reduction.


The water bottling plant will produce around 3,000 litres of drinking water everyday.

This system has eliminated the need to transport and dispose of around 480,000 plastic bottles a year. Therefore, it allows not only cuts in consumption, which is good for the climate, but also save costs.


To prevent pollution of the ocean from the use of plastic bottles on the islands, the two Robinson Clubs on the Maldives are avoiding waste thanks to its sustainable treatment of drinking water.

The island’s fresh water requirements are met by means of a sea water desalination and purification system combined with a soda factory. This osmosis process is used to produce drinking water, which is then turned into sparkling water by adding minerals and carbonic acid. Finally, the generated soda water is filled into glass bottles. The bottles are also cleaned locally which cuts out plastic waste altogether.


  • Organisation: Robinson Club Maldives
  • City: Maldives
  • Type of provider: hotel
  • Circular principle: design out waste and pollution
  • Focus: Reduce
  • Keywords: #PlasticWaste #DrinkingWater


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