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Benefits from your Network

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In which key network is your organisation involved? Tell us a little bit more about the benefits you get from participating in those networks.

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  • There is an exchange of information that facilitates knowledge integration between the parties, enabling the development of additional organisational capabilities and skills.
  • Collaboration enhances the obtaining of key complementary resources as different kind of internal resources are combined with resources of involved partners.
  • A more extended influence area with customers and providers is attained (i.e. new customers, new markets, etc.).
  • It does not only improve the environmental performance, but also the operational one (i.e. better transport, logistics and infrastructure solutions), increasing the productivity through a lower cost and a better quality, and therefore, it generates a superior competitive advantage.
  • The financial performance of the business is highly improved too. On the one hand, wider opportunities for co-fund research appear; on the other hand, agreements between stakeholders of the value network can facilitate the financing of circular processes, as for instance, through supply chain finance or reversed factoring
  • This way, stakeholders that share goals, resources, knowledge, capabilities and perspectives see how their transitions costs are reduced, the risks sharing under environmental uncertainties is improved and the economic performance and advantage increased too.