Closing water loops at Tinos Ecolodge


The application of a centralized approach (e.g. networks for power, water, waste and wastewater) may not be suitable in sparsely populated areas.

In the zones, the Eco Lodge represents a very attractive off-grid case to develop the tourism sector while optimizing the management of natural resources.


150 L/d of treated water for use in Toilet flush

20> m³ /year condensed vapor water

20 – 30m³ /year of reclaimed water

0.15 ha of irrigated crops


Tinos Eco Lodge is an eco-friendly tourist destination on the island of Tinos, using the natural resources of the island in a sustainable way and creating an autonomous off-grid system.

The  Eco Lodges were built by using local stone and run completely on solar energy. The energy is provided by a photovoltaic system that is installed on the roofs of the houses. To minimize energy consumption, natural lighting design and thermal solar radiation have been considered.

Rainwater collection and storage system are placed together with a wastewater treatment for reclaimed water reuse in agriculture. Specifically, a reed-bed system is designed for sewage treatment.

Most of vegetables are cultivated in the Ecolodge area, thus  minimizing and recycling waste flows and promoting activities connected to the natural environment.


  • Organization: Tinos Ecolodge
  • Country: Greece
  • Type of provider: Hotel
  • Circular principle: Regenerate Natural System
  • Focus: Rethink
  • Keywords: #sustainable tourism #resource management #water and wastewater reuse