A short and local food supply chain at Auberge Kallisté


18 bedrooms hotel in Corsica, Auberge Kallisté was developed by a young couple committed to the protection of the environment, of Corsica and of its inhabitants, while offering a comfortable stay for its customers.


5000m2 of vegetables cultivated every year, for the restaurant of the hotel and to be sold at the boutique of the hotel, promoting the Corsican food culture and supporting the local economy.


Auberge Kallisté obtained the Ecolabel in 2018 following investments for instance in green energy (for instance 50% of energy coming from renewable sources), in staff training and in waste management (monitoring).

More remarkably,  it is the short and local food supply chain which is to be underlined. Menus offered at the restaurant of the hotel include vegetables coming from their own 5000m2 vegetable garden, fish coming from an independent local fisherman, and meat coming from local farms and sheepfolds.

Breakfast consists of homemade and local products and follows a zero-waste perspective with table service (instead of buffet) not only to maintain a contact with customers but also to avoid waste and food packaged as individual portions.


  • Organisation: Auberge Kallisté
  • City: Porto Pollo (Corsica)
  • Type of provider: hotel
  • Circular principle: Regenerate natural systems
  • Focus: Regenerate, relocate
  • Keywords: #Food #Local